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Zero-calorie—new favorite sweet on your tongue

添加时间 2018-09-19

As a natural zero-calorie sugar substitute, stevia glycosides offers a perfect and unprecedented option for those who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle and diet control by a natural and none-calorie means of sweetener.
 Studies have shown that stevia glycosides does not contain any calorie and it does not affect blood glucose levels or insulin interference. It provides a flexible choice to people with diabetes when calculating the total calories intake. Stevia won’t affect the glycemic index no matter in how it is taken into human boty.
 The purification of stevia glycosides tastes good without any odor; its taste is similar to sucrose but it won’t cause dental caries. In the past, stevia was widely criticized for its afterward bitterness. Now the situation has changed—manufacturers that have been focusing on isolating best edible ingredients from stevia have developed a higher quality raw ingredient and advanced extractive technology.
 In a wide range of processing conditions, stevia glycosides shows its good resistency to heat, light, acid and alkali, which indicates a good shelf life. Plus, Stevia has an excellent solubility in a wide range of applications so it can be used in all kinds of food and drinks. The usage purpose and level may differ based on different countries and regions. Stevia glycosides can have a cumulative effect if combined with other sweeteners. Hundreds of new stevia products are launched in countries all over the world range from sweeteners to drinks, especially in Asia, South America and United States.
 Sweetness is one of the most important tastes in food and soft drinks. Stevia, as a new natural sweetener, is not only a milestone showing that food additive industry is moving toward to a new step of being more natural and healthier, but it also brings sweeter and more delight life to people.